The Story

The start began in October 2015 when Carson purchased his red 2014 Subaru BRZ purely by coincidence; a coincidence that will never be forgotten. He was considering purchasing the new Mazda 6, but changed his mind quickly. He was walking out with the sales rep at the Mazda dealer to test drive the Mazda 6, and noticed the BRZ sitting there. It was love at first sight. The Mazda 6 was already long forgotten; he looked over at the salesman and asked him to get the keys to the BRZ. During the first test drive, it already felt like the car was his own. He knew he needed to have it, and made his purchase the very next day. A week later, he was ripping out the stock air intake to replace it with an aftermarket version. The rest is history.

After Carson got his BRZ, he drove it over to Corey's to show off his new ride. Corey glanced from his current car to Carson's new BRZ and immediately said "Gimmie the keys, I'm driving your car." From the first time driving Carson's BRZ, Corey would always say "I gotta get me one of these!!" Corey knew he needed to have one, but also knew he needed a career change to get there. Corey suffered through a new job that worked him to death 6 days a week, running on only 3 hours of sleep a night, all to get his BRZ. Corey searched across the U.S. for the BRZ that he wanted. After months of searching for his future car, one finally showed up... right in his backyard. The day Corey brought home his BRZ, the "BRZ Bros" were born.

Once the BRZ Bros were established, A LOT of car work followed. From engine pulleys, intakes, and exhaust systems to custom interior paint jobs that they had fun learning to do it all could say they were borderline obsessed with customizing their cars. To go along with all the custom car work, they were constantly learning more and more about the lifestyle that goes along with having a customized "cool" car. The more they learned, the more they wanted to bring all the people out there like them together. This is how they decided to start the movement.

The movement began in February 2017. Corey and Carson were talking one day about the fact that they get a lot of questions about their cars and how they both love how there is a big community feel that goes along with the custom car owner lifestyle. They wanted to expand that community, and utilize that newly expanded community's efforts to give back to charity. After weeks of brainstorming ideas, this purpose expanded into the mission that it is today.

The future of the movement will be defined by you. Be prepared to be a part of the greatest lifestyle movement the world will ever know.